Choose Health Calhoun


We aim to promote a lifelong commitment to healthy eating and regular physical activity in Calhoun County.

The Choose Health Calhoun initiative accomplishes this by connecting community members with resources and engaging individuals in their own wellness. The goal is to accomplish all of this without duplicating pre-existing services.

School Wellness

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Operation Fit

We’re promoting childhood health and combating adolescent obesity. Learn more.

Food Directors Collaborative

We’re bringing local food directors together to promote nutrition. Learn more.

Focus Areas

In order to promote healthy living, Choose Health Calhoun focuses on the following areas:

  • Early childhood: encourage good nutrition and physical health during pregnancy and early childhood through resources and childcare settings
  • Schools: utilize educational settings to teach children health habits and promote nutrition
  • Business/employers: develop and promote worksite wellness programs, policies, and resources for employers
  • Physical activity and built environment: support efforts to improve the physical environment and address safety concerns that act as barriers to physical activities
  • Clinical: promote data collection and advocate for clinical interventions and increased obesity prevention awareness
  • Health promotion/public education: educate the community about healthy meals, physical activity, and create supportive environments
  • Food systems: promote the availability of affordable health food and beverages
  • Health equity: promote interventions that focus on communities that are experiencing disparities while engaging representatives from within these communities
  • Choose Health Calhoun Affiliation: have an open-door policy for community members to attend Choose Health Calhoun meetings and share information

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