Community Involvement

For Calhoun County, With Calhoun County

In order to shape the health outcomes of Calhoun County, we know we need to be involved. The PHA team is involved in a wide variety of community initiatives, both individually and as an advisory cabinet.

Our successful collaborative community involvement initiatives include:

  • The Homeless Day Shelter Taskforce created a barrier-free day and night shelter system for the community
  • All in Calhoun, which focuses on combatting misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines and promoting vaccinations, with a key focus on communities of color
  • Operation Fit and the many national and regional awards it has won, including the Best and Brightest Award, School Wellness Awards, and more
  • Battle Creek Public Schools, which has been recognized for the School Wellness Award through the work of Operation Fit

Advisory Cabinet

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About PHA

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Rising to the Occasion

As data illuminates different areas of need in our community, PHA is positioned to react accordingly. Once we identify a need, we can create an action committee to engage the community and address its most pressing needs.

PHA draws on data from the Calhoun County Needs Assessment. Click the button below to learn more.


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