Maternal and Infant Health Commission

Healthy from Day One

The mission of this commission is to improve birth outcomes and promote infant health through maternal education and support. Their vision is that all Calhoun County infants will be born healthy and thrive.

The Maternal and Infant Health Commission has based its goals and strategies off of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services 2020-2023 Mother Infant Health and Equity Improvement Plan (MIHEIP).

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Focus Areas

The strategic vision for this commission is: “Zero preventable deaths. Zero health disparities.”

To achieve this vision, the team emphasizes the following focus areas:

  1. Health equity
  2. Healthy women, girls and mothers
  3. Optimal birth spacing and intended pregnancies
  4. Full term, healthy weight babies
  5. Infants safely sleeping
  6. Mental, emotional and behavioral well-being

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