School Wellness

Healthy Battle
Creek Children 

The School Wellness action group aims to evaluate current practices, discuss best practices, share struggles, and highlight work to foster healthier school-aged children in Calhoun County.

Schools and the education system are huge factors in the healthy habits that children adopt throughout their lifetimes. By promoting healthy practices in childhood, not only can we inspire children to be healthier, but they can become healthier adults, as well.

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Choose Health Calhoun

We’re connecting community members with healthy resources. Learn more.

Operation Fit

We’re promoting childhood health and combating adolescent obesity. Learn more.

Food Director Collaborative

We’re bringing local food directors together to promote nutrition. Learn more.

Focus Areas

In order to achieve these goals, the School Wellness action group prioritizes these focus areas:

  • A coordinated school wellness approach
  • Health education
  • Physical education
  • Nutrition services
  • Counseling, psychology, and social services
  • Healthy school environments
  • Safe school environments
  • Health promotion for school staff
  • Family engagement
  • Membership

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