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COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the Battle Creek community, particularly for those in communities that have been historically underserved by the healthcare system, such as the African American and Latino communities. For political and historical reasons, being skeptical and having questions is understandable, but for communities of color who have been disproportionally impacted by this pandemic, this is truly a matter of life or death.

This is our chance to protect ourselves and our community. That’s why we’re all in here in Calhoun County.

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I Need a COVID Test

Have you been exposed to or in close contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19? Or, are you or a family member feeling sick and think you may have contracted COVID-19 but are unsure about what your next steps should be? 

At-Home Tests

If you have private health insurance or Medicaid, your at-home COVID tests might be eligible for reimbursement. Find out more about reimbursed tests through Medicaid here and private insurance here.

  • If you have a residential address, you can sign up to receive four free tests through the United States Postal Service. Visit the USPS COVID-19 Test Page to get yours.
  • If you have a student in your family, you may be able to ask your school district if they have any publicly available COVID-19 tests. Your child may also be eligible for testing at the school.
  • Try calling your healthcare provider to see if they have any at-home tests that you can take with you. Remember to call and ask first!
  • If you can’t find free at-home tests by you, you may be able to visit a testing clinic. Click here to find a clinic near you, check out upcoming clinics on our events page, or keep reading for other testing options.

    On-Site Tests

    On-site COVID Testing is free and available to all, whether you have insurance or not. 

    • Reach out to your Primary care provider. If you or a child have been exposed, you can reach out to your primary care physician, who can provide you with testing recommendations.
    • Most local pharmacies are providing testing and vaccinations, but most require an appointment
    • Grace Health also has testing available by appointment. To request an appointment, call 269.965.8866 or visit the Grace Health COVID-19 testing page for more information.

    I Need a COVID Vaccine

    Do you need to register for your vaccine or a booster? Many pharmacies in Calhoun County are offering vaccinations, but most require an appointment.

    You can also register for a COVID-19 vaccine or booster with these local organizations:


    There are a lot of questions surrounding the various vaccines. Click here to download our FAQ flyer.

    COVID-19 Cycle

    Learn about the three stages of COVID-19, based on information from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

    Local COVID Data

    Click here to find out more information about the current state of COVID in Calhoun County.

    Get Your Vaccine

    Are you looking to schedule your first or second vaccine dose or get a booster? Click here to see local pharmacies.

    Know the Facts

    There is a lot of misinformation being spread by non-credible sources about the vaccine, making people hesitant to get their shot. If you see a family member or friend sharing false or misleading information, direct them to credible, correct facts from trusted sources such as your healthcare provider, local clinics, and medical experts. 

    Speak with Confidence

    Do you have a loved one who is hesitant about getting the vaccine? We work with community members through our vaccine ambassador training. This training helps people who want to speak about the vaccine know what’s fact and fiction and how to approach someone who may be vaccine hesitant without invalidating their beliefs. You can learn more about our vaccine ambassadors on our PHA in the News page.

    Check out our training video and then click the button below to download the vaccine ambassador messaging handbook.

    may 2021 training

    feb 2022 training

    Learn More

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